Mailing list

The mailing list is our preferred tool of support. Questions, ideas and complaints can all be addressed via the list. We like it because if you have a question, someone can address it even though they're currently busy, and whatever is sent to the list stays there. Everybody is free to join it, and even if you don't, you can post to it. However, the messages from unregistered senders will go through the moderators.


We have a channel on the IRC server freenode called #devassistant (how to connect). If you have a usage-related question, this is a great place to go. However, it's possible that nobody will be present at the time you arrive. In that case, you can use the mailing list (see above).

Ask Fedora

Ask Fedora is the questions & answers site for various Fedora projects. Feel free to ask your question and tag it with the devassistant tag.


We have a DevAssistant Community at Google+. You can use this community to express ideas, ask questions or socialize and share with other DevAssistant users and developers.


You can follow @Dev_Assistant for a quick, up-to-date news like releases, large bug fixes and the like. Also, there's a good chance that we'll reply to you if you mention us. However, Twitter is not really great as a support tool, so if you have a more complicated question, please contact us via some of the tools mentioned above.