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Start developing with ease.

DevAssistant can help you set up your developing environment, publish your code, and do many of the chores that somehow keep you from the important stuff - writing your software. It does not matter if you only recently discovered the world of software development, or if you have been coding for two decades, there's always something DevAssistant can do to make your life easier.

This is Free Software. Free as in speech. It is released under the terms of the GPL version 2 or later. That means that you can do great many things with it freely, but you have to follow some rules too.

  • DevAssistant 0.11.0
    2015-04-20 16:51:45
    Long time no see, everyone! Even though it may appear that nothing much has happened in the world of DevAssistant, nothing is further from the truth. We have been working on improving DevAssistant...
  • Improving DevAssistant: 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition!
    2015-02-13 18:36:21
    At the DevConf conference in Brno, we announced the 100 GitHub Stars Beer Competition. Slavek, DevAssistant’s Benevolent Dictator for Life, will reward with a beer (or an appropriate substitute...
  • DevAssistant 0.10.1 + COPR
    2014-12-11 16:53:44
    Hello everyone, here we are with another bug fix update. Ordinarily, it takes us a bit longer to issue updates, but this time, it’s a little different. For the first time in DevAssistant’s history,...
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  • Ars Technica

    If you're a developer, and you haven't checked out DevAssistant, you need to. It's the simplest way we've seen to get a complete development stack up and running.

    Scott Gilbertson


    DevAssistant is truly a developers best friend. Give it a test drive.


DevAssistant GUI overview

GUI + Command line interface Whatever you prefer

DevAssistant comes with two interfaces: Graphical and command line. The goal of both is the quickest set up of your environment as possible. It only takes a couple of clicks to get started with the GUI, or one console command, depending on your preferences. The program is designed with both beginning and seasoned developers in mind, so no matter what your experience is, DevAssistant is easy and efficient for you to use.

Support for multiple languages Java, Ruby, Python, C, Perl, and more

DevAssistant supports many popular language choices, including C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails. Thanks to DevAssistant's architecture, you can add support for other languages or frameworks by adding a YAML-formatted script. If you feel that your favourite one is missing, you can either tell us, or write it yourself.

Installing dependencies No more worrying if you have the right libraries

You may disagree with us, but we hate manually installing dependencies. That's why we made DevAssistant do this for you. It does not matter if you are setting up a new project or editing an existing one, DevAssistant can download and install the necessary dependencies, and save you all the headache.

Fedora Logo

Packaged in Fedora # yum install devassistant

You can get DevAssitant in numerous ways, but we prefer installing it in Fedora, for example with YUM. While pip or the tarball are perfectly fine choices, you don't get things like effortless updates with either of these. In Fedora, just run 'yum update devassistant', and the latest version comes your way, nice and clean.

Integration with GitHub and other code repositories

Once you've written some code, it's great to share it with the world somehow. Lately, the most popular choice has been GitHub, so DevAssistant can make a GitHub repository for your project and push changes automatically, out of the box.

DevAssistant is a project to help you do more coding and less setting up. This is a beginners guide. If you are more experienced and are looking for user documentation, please go to


To start using DevAssistant, you need to install it. Currently, we only support Fedora, CentOS and RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), but you can try installing DevAssistant on other systems as well. However, it might work poorly or not work at all. We are going to add support for some other systems soon, though, so stay tuned.

Various methods of installation are available; they are described in the download section. Once you have installed DevAssistant on your system, read on.

Graphical Interface vs. the Console

You have 2 options of running DevAssistant:

Both can do the same, so it is only a matter of your preference. More can be found in user documentation.